Meghan Markle's Irish Ancestry - Descended from Kings

Meghan Markle's Irish Ancestry - Descended from Kings

Well after a week of searching and verifying and assistance through facebook genealogy member, and the McGoldrick family tree on line, I have found our elusive Mary Bird in the marriage record of one of her daughters, Harriet E. Bird or Hattie Bird, born in Malta in 1866 and marrying in 1893 and in the 1900 US Census and 1910 census online and others.

Harriet E. McMinimon nee (Bird) born in Malta in 1866 died in 1945, Father, Thomas Bird, Mother, Mary McCAGUE.  It was the Merrill Paternal line who had the mother, Mary Smith.
Citation  McCAGUE location are Monaghan, and Ulster. derived from Mac Thaidhg from first name Tadhg, Poet. Quite numerous: Monaghan & scattered in Ulster. Ir. Mac Thaidhg, from first name Tadhg, poet. A rare surname, his rare and interesting surname, of Gaelic (Irish) origin, and a variant of the Old Gaelic patronymic MacThaidhg. ... 

Now we also have a McHugh variant so we can take two routes here, Northern Ireland or North West Ireland and there is a lot more to be revealed.

MacTadhg has connections with the  brother of Connor O'Conor, King of Connacht (deceased 973), Adrian Martyn author of The Tribes of Galway, an excellent book will be assisting me on this part.
So what of the McCague origin, certainly a lot easier than Smith to trace and a good lead for marriage register as well. An Ulster surname, with just 6 listed on Griffith's valuation in Cavan, Down, Monaghan and Derry.

So we can start our journey with proper verified records and see where this take us.
Lorna Moloney is a professional genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). Lorna organises Irish ancestry events, seminars and undertakes research. Website is at
Using our CELT source will be our next part of the journey to trace all the exploits of these Kings of Connaght, see the Annals of the Four Masters online at the Corpus of Electronic Texts at UCC, see


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