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Our show yesterday examined the legacies of St Patrick, we found out lots of interesting facts about him and you can listen to all on The Genealogy Radio Sh

Limerick Lifelong Learning March 19-26, 2018

The Dillon Surname with Sean Dillon - The Genealogy Radio Show


Meghan Markle's Irish Ancestral Connections - A Galway Girl? Perhaps not, -latest update

Meghan Markle's Irish Ancestral Roots could trace back to McCagues in Ballinasloe. However it looks more likely as our McCAGUE sources are about to reveal another surprise, but that would be telling. Meghan Markle's Ancestral Irish roots research on the BIRD and McCAGUE surname is now ready and what a journey for Mary McCAGUE raising her infant girls on the Island of Malta in Victorian Times. Mary McCAGUE is perhaps a Galway Girl, but we have to wait and see, there is still a lot of work to do

Irish Naming Patterns

Recommendations -  for Books for 2017 Conference May 14 -18, 2018 - Irish Family History Research -

Online Registration open - Irish Family History Week May 14-18,2018

CLICK HERE   Register Now Online Trace your Irish Roots Our research week to help you trace your roots is open for 2018. It will take place from May 14-18, 2018.  This research week will help you research your Irish roots in any location of Ireland. The programme for 2018 can be viewed at  Clans and Surnames 2018 .  Speakers Please see our link for extensive profiles at Day 1 of our schedule May 14: Beginning Our Research Journey See how your ancestors lived For 2018, we will have a full day field trip taking in Bunratty Castle & Folk Park, Portumna Workhouse, and Portumna Castle. This practice-based family ancestry will help you put together family histories, genealogy projects and assist you in finding Irish family roots.  We offer a suitable package for a companion who does not take the programme should you wish to travel with same. We have wonderful accommod

The Irish DNA Atlas Project

The Irish DNA Atlas Project Review Irish DNA The genealogy radio show will be reviewing the Irish DNA Atlas Project. To participate in this study, please see details below or sign up for our newsletter. What is it about? The Irish DNA Atlas Project is about Genetics and Genealogy. The study output has provided a genetic map of the people of Ireland. It is a joint effort from  Researchers from the  RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) and  The Genealogical Society of Ireland   HOW TO PARTICIPATE The Irish DNA Atlas is an ongoing study. If you have ancestry from a specific part of Ireland and you are interested in participating, please contact Séamus O’Reilly from the Genealogical Association of Ireland via . Current Key findings Prior to the mass movement of people in recent decades, there were numerous distinct genetic clusters found in specific regions across Ireland. Seven of those revealed so far ar