Family History Fair - GN Abbeycourt Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary 3 December

Clans and Surnames Family History Fair:
GN Abbeycourt, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary      
3 December Residence Lounge, GN Abbeycourt
Wonderful Family History Fair day scheduled for Clans and Surnames: Family History Fair commencing at 12 noon - 4.30p.m. on the 3 December on Irish family research. Please email Lorna at  or telephone 085-8721184 for further details. This event is open to all.
Our exhibitors are Clans and Surnames, The Genealogical Society of Ireland and Irish Genealogy Solutions.

Clans and Surnames

Lorna Moloney will be running Clans and Surnames 2018 from May 14-18 at the GN Abbeycourt Hotel. With a full lecture, seminar, workshop and fieldtrip programme, this school will help you trace and organise your Irish roots. More details at or through   Lorna will be assisting those researching Irish family history during the family history fair on 3 December.

The Genealogical Society of Ireland:
The Society was founded as the Dún Laoghaire Genealogical Society on the 25th October 1990 by a group of neighbours in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. The Society grew quickly and just ten years into its existence, the members decided to change the name of the organisation from the Dún Laoghaire Genealogical Society to the Genealogical Society of Ireland. This new name more adequately reflected the activities, scope and membership of the organisation. As part of outreach the society will be at the family history fair to provide assistance to those researching their Irish roots.

Irish Genealogy Solutions

Christine Deakin will be at the Family History Fair and will be providing expert advice on conservation for your family history collections. Product  range includes the renowned  " Parkinson" Range of Acid Free / Inert Storage Products  (essential for Preservation), which are specifically designed to store your family History Certificates, Documents, photo's & Memorabilia.  Other items of Genealogical interest include Blank Family Tree Charts  & Books.


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