WDYTYA 2016 at The NEC Birmingham 7 - 9 April

Who Do You Think You Are 2016 certainly delivered what it promised this year at the NEC, in Birmingham.
Birmingham was known as 'The City of a Thousand Trades' one hundred years ago. Now it can be known as the best venue for the world's largest family history show.
The celebrities for the show included Anita Rani, Yorkshire-born presenter and star of Strictly Come Dancing.

Sir Tony Robinson joined experts on the Ancestry stand. Eric Knowles identified and dated family heirlooms.
The highlight for me was the talk by Dr Turi King on 'Discovering Richard III'. I can't wait to go to the visitor centre at Leicester at http://www.kriii.com/. Dr King revealed fascinating research into Richard III's DNA.

I purchased Treeview the new software for research and I'll keep you posted as to how I like this tool and whether I find it useful for family history research.

One of the most useful purchases I made was The Family History Work Book from Rydale Family History Group. The website for this group is www.ryedalefamilyhistory.org    Gone are the need for the grubby copy books and it is very well put together as a family history must have whether you are a beginner or experienced researcher. You can purchase it online at http://www.ryedalefamilyhistory.org/family-history-work-book---a4-book-278-p.asp  In addition the Rydale Family history members are very nice and helpful and really made me feel welcome as a fellow exhibitor at the show.

My youtube video shows some of the stands for the show for 2016 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnHYCTzXZvg


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