Merriman Archival Tours 2015

We operate guided research tours to archives, libraries and local centres in Ireland. We focus on family history research requirements and provide bespoke consultations to groups and individuals.

1. Dublin Archives - Researching your Roots in Ireland
Guided introduction to the National Library &  National Archives available by request.
Residential Archive research trip 3 day research trip. This is scheduled for the 6-8 July 2015.For more details and booking contact

For detail  Merriman Tours - Researching in Ireland 2015

2. Research with a difference in Provinces and regions in Ireland - 
Consultations can be arranged on request. Email

3. Develop Your Personal Irish Research Plan

We develop personal itineraries for you to get the best out of your research when coming to Ireland to search for your ancestry. You can supply your details and we can generate a research plan best suited to your requirements. By saving time and money, your plan will help you get the best out of your research trip to Ireland.
For rates contact Lorna at


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