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Newfoundlands' Irish Ancestral Legacies

Newfoundland's Irish ancestral legacies are famous and interest is high in Irish surname origins. The Genealogy Radio show had the pleasure of researching this topic and aired the show 'Newfoundland's Irish Ancestral Roots' at Raidio Corcabaiscinn. This is part of the Clans and Surnames Series produced and presented by Lorna Moloney and can be heard through this link Newfoundlands' Irish Ancestral Legacies
Sources for the show were geographical, sociological and genealogy based. Professor John Mannion, Galway native, of Memorial University of Newfoundland work provided rich genealogy data. Lists of surnames identified and located in his article gave 1000 surnames ranging in use. The names were extracted from his journal article called 'Tracing the Irish: A Geographical Guide' and the section genealogical implications illuminated the dominance of surnames from South Tipperary, South Kilkenny, Waterford, East Cork and Dingle in County Kerry.
We learned that concentrations of the Irish population in Newfoundland originating from such specific regions in Ireland shaped Irish identity resulting in the retention Irish culture. language and ancestral connections. By using the list of names supplied in the article and the names supplied by the facebook group 'Newfoundlanders and Genealogy', it became an exciting journey of discovery. The names included: WALSH, POWER, DEVEREUX, MURPHY, COMERFORD, CARAVAN, DOVE, SHEARS, MCNAMARA, MULLOWNEY, O'KEEFE, TRAVERS, O'BRIEN, CONNERS, CRAMP, DILLON.
Researching the COMERFORD surname for instance found in the subscription site John Grenham online genealogy resource identified anglo-norman origins of the thirteenth century. Subsequent hibernicisation witnessed the construction of towerhouses in the sixteen century. The history of Ballybur Castle by Richard Comerford in 1588 shows how the COMERFORDS had expanded to Kilkenny. Evidence for this surname in Newfoundland is high and the successful survival of the surname in both Ireland and Newfoundland is well documented.
Another source helping us with our research journey for the show was the government site, we used the church record through at free to use, and an invaluable resource. The provision of Irish historic records is of a high standard and it certainly assisted in our identification of rare surnames. We located the surname CARAVAN and were able to identify baptismal surnames located in the RC records of Cork, Dublin and COI records going back as far as 1759.
We found that we could use resources and research from the previous show and we looked at research undertaken on the Coshe Mange which gives great genealogy sources located in East Cork where the Barony of Duhallow was mentioned. This located information on the O'KEEFE and TRAVERS surname. Sources for the O'Kief Coshe Mange can be listened to at our show on the previous series 'O'Kief Coshe Mange Vast genealogical legacy'

We have also undertaken a radio show on the ENGLISH surname and this gave an excellent interview giving context for this region. Thanks to Allan English on this. 'The English Surname in Newfoundland'
Patrick O'Sullivan located at the University of Bradford UK vast research was used and gave great context to the stories behind the surnames. This diaspora research is located at Sadly this is a temporary site. It should, of course, be a permanent one supported with a robust URL. It is advised that you save your searches on this.
We will be undertaking a part 2 on this particular topic and would like to thank all contributors and sources which made the show a fascinating area of genealogy research and one which can be further developed.
Lorna Moloney produces and presents 'The Genealogy Radio Show' at Raidio Corcabaiscinn. It is now in its seventh series and archives of previous shows can be located at Clans and Surnames Genealogy Show Archives 2014-2017 Lorna currently hold a position at University College Cork and also practices as a genealogist specialising in heritage and ancestral events and research. She can be contacted at
Clans and Surnames Irish family researh week will take place in Ireland May 13-18, 2018 in Nenagh, Co, Tipperary. Programme and booking is available and see Clans and Surnames Research week


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